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We use design and storytelling to build trust and inspire action.

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We have a special love for food systems changemakers. Elevating stories of good food, both the abundance and the challenges, is essential to building an ecologically, economically, and socially sound future for our kids.

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Style & Substance

It’s not just aesthetic (though we will make you look good). Without a firm strategy, your brand is just a shiny surface that lacks meaningful impact. We deliver the complete package, and train your team to use the system consistently.

Where we start

  • Naming
  • Brand Narrative & Architecture
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity System
  • Art Direction
  • Storytelling Strategy

What we produce

  • Brand Guide
  • Copywriting
  • Narrative Photography
  • Videos
  • Print Design
  • Packaging
  • Design for Screens
  • Websites
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Audience & Authenticity

We shape audience-first strategies and produce honest, authentic, and compelling content that has impact, whether that’s increasing customer loyalty, selling vegetables, or changing hearts & minds.


Human-centric stories featuring real faces, places, and action are memorable and create deeply resonant emotional connections with values-aligned audiences. Connection & resonance = engagement.


We develop strategies, identify subjects, and shape narratives. We produce photo, video, and audio content and integrate it seamlessly in innovative web and print formats.

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Everything we do is guided by a common mission: to support worldchanging work by crafting concise, useful, and captivating stories.

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Practical services, by humans, for humans.

Brand Foundations

Consistency is key. We create brand foundations from the ground up, defining your emotional, semantic, and visual building blocks to serve as a consistent foundation across all of your brand’s channels.

Brand Implementation

Let’s grow this thing! Using those building blocks, we make the stuff you need that conveys your mission, vision, and values upon first glance. We also teach your team to use it.


We put your audience first. What stories will pull at their heartstrings? What’s the best way to get those stories in front of them? How do we build a deeper resonance and sense of trust and connection?


We’re multidisciplinary creators– we love implementing storytelling campaigns across photo, video, digital, print, and beyond.

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Allison Usavage

Founder & Strategy Director

I’ve worn many hats in the creative industry. Project manager. Producer. Commercial and editorial photographer. I’m a gardener and a mom. My desk and my car are messy but my thoughts and notes are organized. I work with our clients to uncover their true goals and intentions and translate that to a fun and effective plan to tell their story in a way that elevates their heart’s work.

Allison Usavage has managed creative projects with clients such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Shopify, Cornell University, Planned Parenthood, and many small businesses. Her creative work has been featured by National Geographic, Buzzfeed, Martha Stewart, and Food & Wine Magazine.

Ty Finck

Creative Director

It's hard to pick a favorite thing to make, because I'm just as happy recording video as I am composing the music that will go with it. Or designing and developing the website it will ultimately live on. I contribute typefaces to the open source community. I run through all six seasons (mud/pre-winter) for fun, somehow. I'm working on a novel. And I can't say no to a doughnut.

Tyler Finck has worked with Google, Chronicle Books, NBC Universal, AT&T, and the Planetary Society. His designs have been used by Target, HBO, Ritz Carlton, Tom’s, Shure, Buzzfeed, Harper Collins, Coroflot, Scholastic, New York State Parks, and Hershey's.
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Let's chat! We're ready when you are, just email Allison about literally anything (she loves getting email).

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