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A branding studio rooted in honest narratives

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Down-to-earth. Nimble. Nature-lovers. Skillful. Husband and wife. Practical. Surprising. Parents. Experienced. Joyful.

Allison Usavage

Co-founder & Strategy Director

allison usavageI’ve worn many hats in the creative industry, working as a project manager and producer for high-profile design agencies to running my own successful commercial & editorial photography business. The common thread that has made all of these roles successful is creative and effective communication. I work with our clients to uncover their true goals & intentions and translate that to a fun and effective plan to transform their identity into something beautiful.

Allison Usavage has managed creative projects with clients such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Shopify, Cornell University, Planned Parenthood, and many small businesses. Her creative work has been featured by National Geographic, Buzzfeed, Martha Stewart, and Food & Wine Magazine, among others.

Ty Finck

Co-founder & Creative Director

ty finckI've spent over a decade making visual identities for a variety of clients. The experience I've accumulated has allowed me to evolve into a versatile creator, making a variety of assets each with multiple uses and destinations. I'm just as happy and effective at recording video as I am composing the music that will go with it, or designing and developing the website it will ultimately live on. I enjoy contributing typefaces to the open source community.

Tyler Finck has worked with Google, Chronicle Books, NBC Universal, AT&T, and the Planetary Society. His designs have been used by Target, HBO, Ritz Carlton, Tom’s, Shure, Buzzfeed, Harper Collins, New York State Parks, and President Obama.
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We translate values, motivation, and inspiration into memorable brands, then bring them to life in surprising and useful ways.


  • Naming
  • Brand Narrative & Architecture
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity System
  • Art Direction
  • Storytelling Strategy


  • Copywriting
  • Narrative Photography
  • Video
  • Print Design
  • Packaging
  • Design for Screens
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Our work evokes balance, usefulness & utility, intentionality, focus, sustainability, longevity, and human-centric values.

we live in Ithaca we love our farms
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We work with good people who make useful things for a better world.

Our clients know themselves deeply. We uncover their rooted sense of self and translate that to effective strategic messaging and a strong visual identity, so their customers understand them on first glance. Want to see? Here are three recent case studies.

branding for headwater food hub
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Our Process

We take on one project at a time, so our creative power will be 100% focused on you, and you only.


Every company has a unique story and unique audience. We dig in to the “why” behind what you do to ensure that we’re telling the right story and leveraging the right channels to communicate it.

Identity Workshop

Let’s build this thing! Through a collaborative process, we distill the essence of your story into an impactful visual language that conveys your mission, vision, and values on first glance.

Asset Production

We’re multidisciplinary creators– we love implementing new strategic messaging and visual identities across photo, video, digital, and print applications.

Pass the Baton

Go time, ready to hand off! We’ll train your team to use the new assets effectively and efficiently and nudge you (cheering gently and lovingly!) forward.

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We have immediate availability for branding projects for growing companies and organizations. Let’s do something, email Allison

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